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Tampa Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and Fall Accident in Tampa, Florida

slip and fall attorney tampaSlip and Fall is a common term that relates to a personal injury resulting from a slip, trip, or fall while on another person’s property. This kind of injury generally falls under Premises Liability because the accident usually occurs on property owned by someone else, making them legally responsible.


Determining Liability

When determining if the owner of a property (or the owner’s employee) is legally responsible for your injuries, a few things come into play.


The liable party:

  • must have caused the surface or item to be slippery or dangerous, or
  • must have been aware of the dangerous condition but did not take action to correct it, or
  • knew about the dangerous condition and failed to warn the invitee of the condition.

Have you been hurt in a fall? Do you have a case?

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