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Tampa Auto Accident Attorney

tampa car auto accident attorneyDo you have a case? As an experienced auto accident attorney in Tampa, whose practice concentrates on the rights of car accident victims, William T. Driscoll is available to discuss your case with you at no charge.  Call us now at 1-800-925-4878 to discuss your case, or complete our Confidential Case Evaluation to find out where you stand.

Car Accident Cases in Tampa, Florida

The truth is, some people regard car accident cases as simple, open and shut cases. That just may be the case in some situtations. However, when car accidents involve substantial personal injuries, and people are seriously hurt, the case becomes much more significant. If you have been hurt or seriously injured in an auto accident involving a car or motorcycle, hiring an experienced Tampa auto accident attorney may be necessary to properly investigate and preserve all avenues of recovery for your injuries under Florida law.

What should you do if you are involved in a car accident?

  • Call the police to memorialize the incident.
  • Take note of the exact time and location of the accident.
  • Take note of the weather and lighting conditions at the time of the accident.
  • Obtain insurance information from other drivers.
  • Be aware that you could become a party to a legal action. Therefore, statements that you make could be admitted into evidence.
  • Exchange appropriate insurance information (name, address, phone number, policy number, etc) with other drivers.
  • Photograph the damage to your automobile. Photograph other vehicles involved, if possible.
  • Contact a car accident lawyer immediately.